How it Works

Broad Application

Perfect for monetary incentive promotions like cashback offers, trade-ins, competitions, sweepstakes, instant wins, and gifts with purchase. If your promotion involves a payment to the customer, Charity Integration is your go-to feature.

Customisable Donation Options

Provide your customers the flexibility to allocate a fixed or adjustable percentage of their rebate, gift, or prize value towards a charitable donation. Whether it’s a small contribution or a larger gesture, every bit makes a difference.

Choose How You Make an Impact

Fixed Donation Option

  • Decide on fixed donation amounts for each product. This clarity ensures a straightforward giving process for your customers.
  • Once a claim is validated, the donation amount is deducted from the rebate due, and the remainder is promptly sent to the customer.

Flexible Donation Option

  • Let your customers decide their donation amount with an intuitive slider, based on the rebate value. It’s about giving them control over their contributions.
  • This option offers a more personal connection to the charitable cause, as customers actively choose their level of support.

Integrating Charity: More Than Just Business

Build Deeper Customer Connections

Customers appreciate brands that demonstrate social responsibility. Integrating charity into your promotions adds depth and meaning to every transaction.

Enhance Your Brand Image

Stand out as a socially conscious brand. This strategic move not only elevates your brand but also positively influences customer perceptions.

Energise Your Team

A brand that gives back is a brand that its employees are proud to be a part of. This sense of purpose can lead to increased morale and productivity.

Smart for Finances

Depending on local regulations, charitable donations can provide tax benefits. It’s not just good for the community; it’s also potentially good for your bottom line. Check with your local tax authority to see what sorts of donations are tax deductible in your country or speak to our CluneTech sister company, Taxback International.


Funds Transferred


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... and obviously a key objective for Canon is always to deliver a really simple and positive customer journey, so it's important that we trust an agency that we know can deliver on the high demands of the brand.
Channel Marketing Manager,

The whole process was well managed and the support we got from the team involved was amazing.

We appointed Benamic to develop an incentive program for valued customers within our trade channel... all the requirements we asked for were executed and the program is live with success. I look forward to working with them on advancing the program and could not recommend them more highly.
European Commercial Manager,

Dynamic and collaborative company to work with.

Benamic has proven themselves to be a dynamic and collaborative company to work with. With this particular project, they were eager to collaborate and offer solutions. They also provide a variety of reporting options to help us improve.
Trade Marketing,

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