Cashback Promotions

Drive strong market sales performance with cashback promotions.

Cashback promotions allow brands to accelerate sales strategy in any market. The promotion can build strong advocacy in a brand’s customer base and will compliment other strategic objectives. Cashback/ rebates are suited to both B2C and B2B market settings and performs in either product or service based industries.

Why Cashback Promotions?

Cashback campaigns are a strong promotional tactic that will have a big impact on increasing sales, market share and loyalty. The application process enables brands to collect customer data and conduct market research and there is greater opportunity for additional sales and strengthening brand loyalty.

Higher ROI Performance

Cashback will deliver strong ROI in promotional campaigns above POS discount. On average 30-45% of customers actually redeem their rebate, this ensures that cashback based campaigns enable brands to present bigger incentives in their promotions.

"In the complex environment of Canon international cashback campaigns, Benamic has always been at the top in terms of service, reactivity, immediate understanding..."

European Trade Marketing Manager

Canon Cameras Promotions
Canon Cameras Promotions
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We partner with the world's biggest brands to deliver high impact promotional cashback campaigns. Our specialist teams cover every aspect of the promotional campaign from consultation to creative to fulfillment management. We have over 10 years of experience in delivering cashback promotions across every continent.