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Competition promotions drive sales and promote customer advocacy.

Sweepstakes/ competition promotions can be difficult to implement and manage, especially across multiple territories. Localised authorities often strictly enforce legislation and regulations on lottery style games. Our vast experience in implementing these styles of promotions globally allow us to comply with local authorities worldwide, while achieving brands tactical objectives in the process.

Why Competition Promotions?

The viral aspect of competition based promotions presents brands with the opportunity to reach large audiences, engage with customers and collect invaluable data. Also, competition participants have higher future revenue potential.

Digital & On Pack Codes

Bring customers on a journey from POS/On-Pack to an engaging online environment. Our technology can create meaningful customer experiences that resonate and achieve tactical objectives: Data Collection, Product Purchases, Brand Building and more.

“We replaced our previous agency with Benamic in 2018, because the agency was confused, inefficient and unable to answer simple enquiries. The experience with Benamic is exactly the opposite.  Quick, efficient, responsive and good value...”

Managing Director

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We partner with brands to implement high return campaigns, this is accomplished through developing promotion strategy and tactics. Our specialist teams cover every aspect of your promotion from consultation to creative to management. We also source and fulfil prize deliveries where required. We have a long and successful history in delivering sweepstake/ competition promotions on a global scale, making us the partner of choice for brands.