The 'Perfect Pair': Driving Sales and Broadening Brand Perception in Home Appliances

Learn how Miele’s ‘Perfect Pair’ campaign effectively met sales objectives and broadened brand perception. Against a backdrop of rising energy costs and the UK’s unpredictable weather, Miele, in collaboration with Benamic, honed in on their energy-efficient heat pump tumble dryers. Discover how strategic planning, seamless execution, and customer focus contributed to the campaign’s success.



The Challenge & Opportunity

With rising energy costs and the UK’s unpredictable, often rainy climate, energy-efficient tumble dryers are becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. Miele, a brand revered for its high-quality washing machines and vacuum cleaners, recognised a chance to shine a spotlight on an overlooked part of their product range—their energy efficient heat-pump tumble dryers. This was a two-fold opportunity for Miele, in collaboration with Benamic: to leverage their strong washing machine sales to drive attention and sales to their tumble dryers, and to diversify what consumers think they can get from the Miele brand.


The Strategy & Objectives

Understanding its unique position as a premium household appliance brand, Miele designed a campaign that would resonate deeply with its discerning consumer base. The campaign was strategically named ‘Perfect Pair.’ This wasn’t merely a creative choice but a deliberate one, aimed at elevating the conversation from mere price-based incentives to aspirational lifestyle benefits. Miele understands that its customers choose the brand for reasons extending beyond cost, focusing instead on quality, efficiency, and lifestyle. By framing the washing machine and tumble dryer as the ‘Perfect Pair,’ the campaign tapped into deeper emotional triggers that transcended the transactional language of cashback or discounts. The narrative was designed not just to cut through the market noise but also to resonate well with Miele’s target audience.

To facilitate this, Miele and Benamic collaborated to create a seamless and efficient consumer journey. Advanced planning included the use of QR codes at points of sale for quick claim processing and the implementation of a user-friendly online claim form. These steps aimed to make the reward claim process swift and easy, thereby enhancing overall consumer satisfaction. Benamic’s role was crucial in handling the meticulous validation and processing of claims and distribution of cashback, freeing Miele to focus on the strategic dimensions of the campaign.

Customer service was more than a checklist; it was about creating real human connections. When customers faced unique challenges—like missing a claim deadline due to unforeseen circumstances—Benamic took notice. These special cases were flagged for the client’s attention, with the final decision on any exceptions always resting with them.

This promotion was designed with the following focused objectives in mind:

  1. Cross-Sell: Fuel the interest in Miele’s energy-efficient heat-pump tumble dryers by capitalising on the brand’s already robust washing machine sales.
  2. Brand Expansion: Expand Miele’s brand recognition to include their premium range of tumble dryers.
  3. Customer Engagement: Offer compelling incentives that resonate with Miele’s discerning customer base.
  4. Customer Experience: Create a frictionless journey from product selection to reward claim, enhancing overall satisfaction and loyalty.

"It's evident that there is a personal touch to working with Benamic."

This customer-first mentality was fortified by a transparent and open dialogue between Benamic and Miele as our client. Whether it was navigating operational challenges or sharing insights from promotional data, the lines of communication were always open. This collaborative ethos not only ensured the campaign’s success but also strengthened the partnership, laying the foundation for future initiatives.

Miele Perfect Pair Cashback Promotion
How it Worked

The Execution

At a Glance

Cashback Promotion
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Cashback Reward of £100

When it came to bringing the campaign to life, Benamic was more than just a service provider; we were a strategic partner in crafting a seamless and compelling customer journey. Here's how we made it happen:
  • Simplicity by Design: We rolled out a user-friendly, Miele-branded online claim form, making it a breeze for customers to submit their cashback claims. No fuss, just a straightforward process that resonated with Miele's commitment to quality and ease.
  • Trust & Compliance: Quick and meticulous processing of claims ensured that only valid submissions were approved, reinforcing trust while adhering to the promotional terms and conditions.
  • Instant Gratification: We disbursed the cashback rewards directly to customers' bank accounts, eliminating needless delays and further enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Transparency for All: Our client online portal provided Miele with real-time insights into the campaign’s performance, while a separate portal allowed customers to track their claims, fostering an environment of complete transparency.
  • Stay in the Loop: Automated notifications kept customers updated on the status of their claims, removing any guesswork and elevating the overall experience.

In essence, Benamic’s comprehensive promotion management services didn’t just streamline operations; they enriched the customer journey, becoming a cornerstone of the campaign’s resounding success.

Campaign Performance

The Impact & Results

Thanks to a strong partnership between Miele and Benamic, the ‘Perfect Pair’ Cashback Promotion turned heads and exceeded expectations. What really set this campaign apart were the claim rates, which outshone previous Miele promotions. This wasn’t just the work of clever timing, like limited-time offers, but also the campaign’s emotionally resonant ‘Perfect Pair’ message. The campaign managed to pivot the conversation from simple cost-saving to the aspirational lifestyle that Miele’s customer base values.

Retailer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Sales teams found that the campaign’s thoughtful incentives made it easier to recommend Miele’s washing machines and tumble dryers as a bundled purchase, allowing for richer, more value-driven conversations with customers.

But the campaign didn’t stop at initial success. What was first planned as a seasonal venture for 2022 has been extended multiple times, thanks to its standout performance. This adaptability speaks volumes about the effective collaboration between Miele and Benamic, a partnership that’s clearly more than the sum of its parts.



Actual claims surpassed forecasted claims by 17% (2022)



MoM Daily Claim Submission Growth (2022)



All attempted fraudulent claims detected and prevented



Customer claims passed validation criteria in 78% of cases

"Managing promotions internally can be very time-consuming. But having an agency like Benamic on hand is incredibly beneficial. From the administrative side and the setup, it’s been seamless. The reason we’ve extended the promotion multiple times with Benamic is that it’s working well for us, our trusted retailers and, most of all, our consumers."

Brand Manager