Benamic Empowers Optimum Nutrition to Execute a Strategic Sweepstake Campaign Across Europe

Discover how Benamic, utilising its extensive promotional management expertise, enabled Glanbia to roll out a successful, high-engagement sweepstakes promotion for Optimum Nutrition’s flagship product, Gold Standard 100% Whey. By offering an attractive range of prizes, we triggered an upswing in customer engagement and sales, fortified their brand appeal, and importantly, captured invaluable user-generated content to inform Optimum Nutrition’s future marketing strategies.



The Challenge & Opportunity

When Optimum Nutrition, a leading brand under the Glanbia portfolio, was preparing to boost the sales of their Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey across several European countries: Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and Republic of Ireland, they turned to us at Benamic. The challenge lay in crafting a promotional strategy that would resonate with the brand's fitness-conscious audience and align with Optimum Nutrition's premium ethos.


The Strategy & Objectives

Channelling the determined spirit of Optimum Nutrition’s consumers, we devised a dynamic sweepstakes promotion. Customers were incentivised with an enticing array of prizes, encouraging purchases of Gold Standard 100% Whey.

To cater to different consumer preferences and interests, we divided prizes into two categories. Premium Prizes featured gym-related products from leading brands, such as Skins Compression Leggings and Fitbit Versa Watches. Secondary Prizes included Optimum Nutrition’s own branded merchandise, boosting brand visibility.

Moreover, Optimum Nutrition took the opportunity to understand customers on a deeper level. We used this promotion as a platform for customers to share their fitness journeys and preferences through user-generated content, which Optimum Nutrition could then use to refine future marketing strategies.

The campaign’s objectives included:

  1. Boosting sales of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey.
  2. Amplifying Optimum Nutrition’s brand visibility and market presence.
  3. Enhancing Glanbia’s customer engagement and rewarding loyal consumers.
  4. Collecting valuable consumer insights to inform future strategies.
Sweepstakes Sales Promotions
The Sweepstakes in Action

The Execution

At a Glance

7 European Countries
Nutrition & Supplements
Variety of Premium & Secondary Prizes

A sweepstakes campaign of this scale necessitates meticulous planning and flawless execution. Our Benamic team coordinated the campaign across multiple countries and languages, enticing customers with an array of Premium and Secondary Prizes. Key elements included:
  • Engaging Promotional Site: To make the sweepstake experience enjoyable and straightforward, we designed a promotional microsite. The site guided customers through purchase, registration, and prize selection, with an easy-to-use form for entering their details, uploading proof of purchase, and choosing their preferred prizes.
  • User-Generated Content Collection: An integral part of our strategy was data collection. We used the entry form to encourage customers to share their fitness goals and recovery habits, and asked, "What are your training goals for next year?" and "What do you currently do to recover after a workout?" This tactic helped us gather insightful user-generated content, enabling Optimum Nutrition to gain a deeper understanding of its customers' preferences and aspirations.
  • Rigorous Entry Validation: Our commitment to upholding the integrity of the sweepstake promotion led us to establish stringent validation criteria. These measures helped to prevent potential fraud and maintain the high standards associated with Glanbia, ensuring the promotion was enjoyed by genuine customers.
  • Complete Prize Distribution & Fulfilment: We took full responsibility for the prize distribution process, creating a seamless experience for the winners. After validating the winners' entries, we coordinated with them via email to confirm their details. We oversaw the dispatch and delivery of the prizes, ensuring they reached the rightful winners without any fuss.
  • Efficient Communication: Keeping customers informed throughout their sweepstake journey was a priority. We provided automatic emails with updates and supplied login details for the Customer Online Tracking System, ensuring transparency at all stages.
  • Real-Time Reporting: We provided Optimum Nutrition's team with access to an online platform that tracked campaign progress in real-time. Upon completion of the campaign, we delivered a comprehensive report to assess the promotion's success and glean insights for future strategies.


Reflecting on the Impact & Results

The sweepstakes campaign's success underlines Benamic's prowess in creating promotional campaigns that yield immediate results and valuable long-term strategic insights. The user-generated content collected has given Optimum Nutrition a deeper understanding of their customer base, helping them tailor their marketing and product development to better serve their customers' needs and goals in the future.

The campaign’s smooth execution and prompt communication, from purchase to prize allocation, underscored our focus on providing a seamless customer experience. This commitment to a high-quality customer journey bolstered Optimum Nutrition’s brand relationships and promoted a positive brand image.

"... incredibly responsive throughout this process. Managed the payment system incredibly well, and offered speedy, helpful responses to all of our client queries.”