Gift with Purchase Promotions

Offer customers or resellers a free gift or bundle deal to add value and maximise turnover.

We provide an end-to-end promotional solution managing all aspects of your campaign from planning and set-up, design and development, claim handling and validation, multi-lingual customer communications and sourcing and storage of gifts (if required).

Monitor and analyse your campaign performance using our online client reporting system. Where you can also track the progress of individual gift claims.

Why Gift with Purchase Promotions?

Free gift promotions act as a strong incentive for consumers as it instantly adds value, while giving brands the opportunity to maintain price points, offload excess stock, build stronger relationships with consumers and capture valuable consumer data.

Increase Product Turnover

In instances where brands can offer another one of their products as a free gift it presents the opportunity to maximise turnover of their product lines. A win win in the case of the brand and consumer as the brand have offload unwanted stock while the consumer receives a value add gift, strengthening the relationship.

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Benamic has developed a large network of expert sourcing suppliers, storage and delivery partners. This ensures that after the development of a high impact promotional strategic plan, Benamic can deliver end to end promotional campaign excellence while ensuring brands avoid the many roadblocks that multi-regional campaigns can present. Trusted by the world's biggest brands in delivering strategic promotions to their target customer base.