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Drive More Sales with a Confidence Boosting Money-Back Guarantee

Ease your customers’ worries, make them more likely to purchase, and enjoy increased sales. Manage and track promotions for all your products in one place.

Money-Back Guarantee Promotions That Get Results

The right money-back guarantee can increase sales by building trust with your customers. Choose the best one for your brand.

Full money-back guarantee

This is the most popular type of money-back guarantee. It promises that customers will receive a full refund if they're not satisfied with their purchase.

Partial money-back guarantee

Less risky than a full refund, a partial money-back guarantee refunds a portion of the purchase price if the customer is not satisfied.

No questions asked money-back guarantee

A very customer friendly option, a no questions asked guarantee refunds the customer's purchase price without requiring them to give a reason for their dissatisfaction.

Satisfaction guarantee

Allow your customers to choose between a replacement product or a refund in the event they are unsatisfied using a satisfaction guarantee.

These ideas are just some inspiration for your next money-back guarantee campaign. Have something else in mind? Let’s talk!

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Money-Back Guarantees: Drive Sales with Confidence

No Risky Business

When you offer a risk-free purchase, your customers feel more confident about buying from you. In fact, research shows that people are 18 times more likely to buy a product when they have a refund guarantee. With Benamic, you can get your own risk-free offer up and running in no time, so you can start seeing increased sales.

Low Return Rates, High Conversion Rates

A money-back guarantee promotion is a high-converting marketing tactic for businesses. You're giving your customers the peace of mind they need to feel confident about their purchase. And the great thing is, it costs you little unless someone asks for their money back, while you could see sales double or triple just by offering the guarantee in the first place.

Build Customer Trust

Demonstrate your faith in your product and its quality, while boosting confidence among your customers. Plus, a money-back guarantee shows your commitment to customer satisfaction – a sure-fire way to win over loyal clients. So, if you're considering a way to increase conversions while instilling trust in your product, a money-back guarantee might be right for you.

Capture More Data with a Money-Back Guarantee

Data is gold. Capture more data, including feedback on claim reasons, with a satisfaction guarantee and use this information to increase your customer lifetime value. With more data at your disposal, you can segment your customers, identify areas for improvement, and craft personalised experiences that will keep them coming back for more.

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  • Benamic have been running successful promotions for us for over 10 years and obviously a key objective for Canon is always to deliver a really simple and positive customer journey, so it's important that we trust an agency that we know can deliver on the high demands of the brand. - Canon
  • The whole process was well managed and the support we got from the team involved was amazing. We appointed Benamic to develop an incentive program for valued customers within our trade channel... all the requirements we asked for were executed and the program is live with success. I look forward to working with them on advancing the program and could not recommend them more highly. - Hive
  • Dynamic and collaborative company to work with. Benamic has proven themselves to be a dynamic and collaborative company to work with. With this particular project, they were eager to collaborate and offer solutions. They also provide a variety of reporting options to help us improve. - Bosch
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Managed Promotions

What's Invoved?

End to End Money-Back Guarantee Promotions

Everything you need to launch and successfully run global promotion all under one roof.

Promotion Management & Consultancy

Dedicated account manager for promotion planning, set-up, and management.
We’ll help you in organising, setting up, and managing everything needed for your money-back guarantee promotion. You can get in touch with your dedicated account manager to address any issues and make sure your initiatives are successful.

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Promotional Microsite

Design and development of promotion microsite.
Get the most out of your money-back guarantee promotion with an optimised microsite. Our design and functionality options are extensive, or we can create a custom solution to meet your needs.

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Claims Processing

AI-assisted claims processing, validation, and fraud detection.
AI-assisted claims processing to verify information about products and customers, detect promotional fraud, and process money-back guarantee claims quickly and easily.

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International Money-Back Guarantee Pay Outs

Automated issuing payments via a range of payment options.
Our money-back guarantee payment solution is convenient and flexible, with a range of payment methods to choose from. We offer our services worldwide, so you can easily pay out anywhere you need.

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Customer Care & Communication

We’ll carry the weight of your promotion customer support.
Keep your customers up to date on the progress of their cashback claims with email notifications customised to your brand. Our premium customer support is available in 30 languages.

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Logistics Management

Management of returns.
Our system is designed to provide you with the smoothest and most streamlined process possible.

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Risk & Compliance

Ensuring your brand, promotion and bottom line are always protected.
We understand the complex world of promotion risk and compliance, helping you avoid potential costly fines, reputation damage and financial losses. We’re also ISO 27001, ISO 9001 certified and GDPR compliant, so we walk our talk with security and compliance.

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Reporting & Insight

Access to our powerful online dashboard.
When you don’t have the right data, it’s hard to make smart choices, so that’s why we give you a powerful online dashboard to help you track and measure your promotion performance.

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Take Your Money-Back Guarantee Promotion to the Next Level

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