If you’re looking for an effective marketing partner who can help you achieve your goals, Benamic is the right choice. We’re experts in sales promotions and have over 15 years of experience working with some of the world’s leading brands. We provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution that manages every aspect of your complex global promotion, ensuring a smooth and successful campaign, from conception to post-campaign analysis.

Running a cashback promotion instead of a discount can be more beneficial for brands. With approximately 30% of consumers claiming their cashback on average, brands can offer greater incentives at lower costs than discount promotions. In addition, another layer of added value from a cashback promotion is that the claim process provides a mechanism for brands to capture customer data and build their database.

We’re excited to offer our clients a comprehensive suite of promotion enhancements. Via our sister company, Taxback International, clients can also reclaim any overpaid VAT on cashback payments, resulting in even further savings.

Our online reporting platform allows you to manage ongoing promotions, analyse the performance of past and current promotions and submit new promotions into your project pipeline.

You can view micro and macro data in real-time across territories, resellers, products, and more.

A customer’s claim is automatically monitored by our online tracking system, which notifies them via email when there are any updates needed. Every participant will also be provided with a login where they can check their claim status and update any missing or incorrect information at any time.

Benamic is a specialist division of CluneTech, our group is ISO 27001 certified and financially regulated in over 80 countries; CluneTech is one of only five organisations worldwide to hold this level of regulation. Learn more about our data security policy here.

As a specialist division of CluneTech, a leading global fintech group of eight companies, Benamic can make inhouse international payments in over 134 currencies powered by our sister company TransferMate. CluneTech group is also financially regulated in over 80 countries, making Benamic the only sales promotions agency worldwide with inhouse international payments and financial regulation and compliance at this level.

We deliver promotions at scale for large multinational brands. We support over 44 languages, can process international payments in 134 currencies and have extensive knowledge of local legislation pertaining to sales promotions across all global territories.

You are entitled to a VAT refund on the cashback paid during your cashback promotion. Powered by our sister company, Taxback International, we’ll manage the entire process of claiming the VAT refund for our clients.

The promotion type that will work best for you is dependent on your specific objectives. Here a few broad objectives and promotion examples that you can start from when planning your campaign:

  • Increase Market Share: Run a trade-in promotion accepting competitor’s products for an incentive.
  • Improve Quality Perception: Run a warranty promotion to demonstrate your confidence in your product quality.
  • Increase Sales: Run a cashback promotion to produce an uplift in sales; financial incentives are proven to be the biggest motivators to make a purchase.

Discuss your objectives with one of our Account Managers to find the best fit for you.
If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance. We’re always happy to help!

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