Trade-In Promotions

Build strong brand loyalty and target competitor's market share.

Trade-in trade-up promotions operate the same as a conditional cashback/ rebate promotion. Customers have to provide proof of purchase and supply their old product in exchange for a discount.

The products traded in can vary in qualifying cashback amount or all be valued the same. You can choose to only accept certain products as trade-ins or allow a variety of products including competitors products.

Why Trade-In Promotions?

Trade-in promotions is a marketing tactic that brands can utilise to expand the life term of customers through product upgrades and building strong loyalty. Beyond collecting strong data around customers, brands can easily identify positive product sentiment in order to evolve future marketing and product development to be more customer-centric. This will increase short and long term sales performance.

Increase Market Share

Trade-in promotion can be tactically deployed to gain market share from competitors with unique promotion-specific criteria around the trade-in. The promotion can be region-specific and promote customers to trade-in a specific brand per region. This strategic campaign can enable brands to gain maximise market position in target regions

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