Remove Barriers to Sale

Encourage Customer Loyalty.

Trade-in trade-up promotions reduce the financial sacrifice required by consumers. By recognising the value of an older product brands remove the barrier to upgrading to the latest version.

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Offer Trade-In on Competing Products

Target Your Competitors.

Increase your market share, convince competitor's customer to make the switch to your brand by offering a financial incentive. Protecting your price point and creating a perception of lower quality for competing products.

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How Trade-In Promotions Work

Trade-In Process

Trade-in promotions extend customer lifetime value and create an urgency to avail of a conditional and time limited offer. In summary, consumers purchase a qualifying product, visit the promotional website and submit their claim, their claim is validated within the parameters of the T&Cs and their reward or rebate is issued. Benamic manage the fulfilment of financial rebates in-house and physical goods through an extensive logistics network.

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    Funds Transferred

    In-house payment fulfilment, payment licences in 162 countries in 134 currencies.



    Operating globally, multiple countries and currencies with local legislation compliance.


    Claims Processed

    Claims validated using advanced anti-fraud software and manual reviews. Over €646,000 saved.

    "... Communication is very clear, deadlines are being met and it’s very nice they are capable of running campaigns in several countries. Overall I’m very satisfied, especially since they take a lot of work out of our hands..."

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