Maintain Price Point, Enhance Quality Perception

Boost Product Confidence.

Warranty Extension Promotions express a brands commitment to high product quality and dedication to great customer experience. Having a positive impact on product sales and customer loyalty.

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Neff Warranty Extension Promotion
Canon Warranty Extension Promotion

Reduce Consumer Risk

Reassure New Customers.

Breakdown the barriers to a sale, warranty extensions attract new customers by promising reliability and satisfaction. Reducing consumer risk generates greater sales.

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How Warranty Extension Promotions Work

Warranty Extension Process

Maintain your price point, offer peace of mind to consumers and demonstrates your brands commitment to high quality products. In summary, consumers purchase a qualifying product, visit the promotional website and submit their product details, their information is validated within the parameters of the T&Cs and they are issued a warranty certificate. In cases where consumers wish to replace the product, they log in to the online tracking system and request a replacement, their claim is reviewed and validated and replacement is issued via post or in store collection.

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    Warranties Registered

    In-house payment fulfilment, payment licences in 162 countries in 134 currencies.



    Operating globally, multiple countries and currencies with local legislation compliance.


    Claims Processed

    Claims validated using advanced anti-fraud software and manual reviews. Over €646,000 saved.

    "Our promotions are always completed to a very high standard, on time and on budget... the customer service is excellent with a friendly, efficient team always willing to make things work for us..."

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