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Global Bank Transfers

Ideal for: Cashback, Money-Back Guarantee, Cash Prizes on Competitions, Sweepstakes and Instant Win Promotions.

Partnership with our CluneTech sister company, TransferMate, allows short turnaround times on bank payments worldwide. TransferMate’s financial regulation in 80 countries makes us the only promotions company in the world to have this level of regulation and payment capacity under one roof.

  Largest global reach:

Quickly and easy payments in 141 currencies across 200 countries.

  Most cost-effective:

Get the best value; our bank transfer fees for rebates and prizes are among the most competitive in the industry.

  Most secure:

Our payment partner and sister company, TransferMate, is financially regulated in 80 countries, making this the safest way to issue payments.

  Short turnaround times:

Fast, reliable payments to your customer’s bank account in 1-2 days.


Ideal for: Cashback, Money-Back Guarantee, Cash Prizes on Competitions, Sweepstakes, and Instant Win Promotions.

Simple, secure, PayPal is a global payment powerhouse, making it an ideal choice for promotions across borders.

  Global reach:

PayPal operates in 202 countries across 22 currencies.

  Faster processing:

Following a valid claim and payment initiation, customers receive their cashback payment instantly.

Smoother claim experience:

Fewer form fields simplify the customer's claim process and can result in fewer rejected payments.

  Customer peace of mind:

For more security-conscious customers who don’t wish to share their bank details (or don't have a bank account), PayPal is an ideal payment method.

  Internationally trusted and recognized:

With 392 million active users worldwide and used on over 1.6 million sites, PayPal is one of the world’s most popular payment methods.


Ideal for: Cashback, Money-Back Guarantee, Cash Prizes on Competitions, Sweepstakes and Instant Win Promotions.

Still a popular payment method in some markets, like the United States, we can offer cheques as a pay-out method in various global currencies.

  No bank account needed:

Customers don't need one to receive payment.

  Ideal for the security-conscious:

Customers do not have to share their bank account information.

  Available in popular global currencies:

We offer international cheques in a range of currencies, so you can pay in your choice currency.

  Easy payment process:

Cheques are a simple and convenient way to make international payments.

Branded Prepaid Cards

Ideal for: Gift with purchase, Competitions, Sweepstakes, and Instant Win Promotions.

For brands wanting to create a tangible experience while also offering the greatest flexibility to their customers, branded prepaid cards are growing rapidly in status.

  Tangible brand experience:

Increase and prolong your brand exposure with a branded card in the wallets or on the phones of your customers.

  Appeal to a wide audience:

Reloadable functionality of the card and the ability to be used at any retailer, online or offline make this type of payment appealing to a wider audience.

  Added security:

3D secure authentication provides an extra layer of security for your customers.

  Flexible and easy to use:

Physical and digital cards that can be loaded onto mobile wallets and issued in a range of major global currencies.

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