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Tracking and Analysing Your Promotion Performance

Data-driven decisions are key to marketing success. That's why we provide the tools you need to collect, track, and analyse your Benamic promotion data, past and present.

With our easy-to-use cloud dashboard, you can filter and segment data to find what you need. 

Monitor Your Promotion's Customer Queries

Making sure your promotion runs smoothly includes keeping track of customer queries. Our customer care team monitors all claims and validates them during your promotion. And if any of your customers have objections or raise queries, it's all tracked in your online dashboard. From your dashboard you can also act on specific claims, leave notes for the Benamic team, and edit customer details.

Get the Most Out of Your Online Dashboard

We want to make sure you have what you need to make the most of our cloud-based dashboard. That's why we've created a comprehensive knowledge base, with video tutorials, release notes, and guides to help you understand each report and function.

Promotions that Perform

Discover powerful promotional campaigns designed to meet client objectives.

Take Your Benamic Promotion to the Next Level

We have all the tools you need, as standard, to run a successful promotion but if you want to
take it one step further, explore our range of Promotion Enhancements.

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