How We Protect Our Clients

Running a promotion doesn’t have to be risky - we can help you stay compliant and boost your bottom line.

  Promotion regulations and legislation

Stay compliant with legislation and avoid costly mistakes with our help.

  Data security and protection

We're committed to protecting your data and ensuring compliance with all applicable data security laws

  Fraud detection and prevention

Protect your business from financial losses with our comprehensive fraud detection system

  Fixed-fee promotions

Mitigate the risk of over-redemption and stay within your budget with fixed-fee promotions.


Countries of operation


Fraud detection rate


Saved in fraudulent claims

Promotion Regulations & Legislation

When planning a promotional campaign, it's crucial to be aware of the relevant legislation in your target market to avoid costly mistakes and stay on the right side of the law. Promotional legislation can vary greatly from country to country, but with our help, you can ensure your promotion complies with all applicable laws.

Fraud Detection & Prevention

Nobody wants to lose hard-earned profits to fraud, so it's crucial to have a fraud detection and prevention system in place when running a promotion. Our comprehensive system helps us identify any suspicious activity, protecting you from potential financial losses. Our proactive approach ensures that your promotion and bottom line are always protected.
Plus, you will be able to track in real-time the fraud attempts stopped using our online reporting dashboard.

Data Security & Protection

When it comes to data security, protecting your customers' information is paramount. That's why we have such strict measures in place, and why we're ISO 27001 and 9001 certified. We want to ensure that your promotional campaign complies with all the latest data security rules so you can be sure that your customers ' information is safe with us.

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Promotions that Perform

Discover powerful promotional campaigns designed to meet client objectives.

Take Your Benamic Promotion to the Next Level

We have all the tools you need, as standard, to run a successful promotion but if you want to
take it one step further, explore our range of Promotion Enhancements.

Fixed Fee Promotions

Budget with confidence and protect your bottom line with Fixed-Fee Promotions. With our promotional risk management, create a campaign tailored to your needs with a fixed price so you never have to worry about budget!

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