In-House VAT Rebate Service

Recover VAT on Cashback.

In partnership with our sister company, Taxback International, our expert tax team can help you take advantage of any VAT refund opportunities. For instance on a cashback promotion, they can assist with recovering the VAT on the element of cashback paid to the customer.

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ASUS Cashback Promotion

Evolution of SMS

What is RCS Messaging?

RCS Messaging is the replacement protocol for SMS, RCS adopts functionality from web based messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and iMessage.

  • Embed Media Files: Images, video and audio.
  • Interactive features, image carousels, questionnaires etc.
  • Create conversation framework, integrate AI technology.
  • In app payment/shopping.
  • Detailed campaign reporting.
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Canon RCS Messaging
Canon Cashback Promotion
Free VAT Calculation
Potential For Cost-Neutral Promotion.

Receive a free VAT refund calculation and explore possible VAT overpayments from previous promotions. Our team ensures VAT compliance with local legislation in global territories.

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How do VAT rebates work?

VAT Rebate Eligibility

As a result of running cashback campaigns, companies may be entitled to recover VAT on the element of cashback paid to the customers. Companies could be entitled to reduce the VAT on sales for the relevant jurisdiction with the VAT element contained in the cashback for the same country, provided that the manufacturer charged and accounted for VAT on the original supply.

Would your promotion be eligible for a VAT rebate? Request more information.

    Leading Global DJ Equipment Provider
    VAT Case Study

    We launched a cashback promotion for a global DJ equipment provider across a range of 5 products in 30 countries. The promotion received 2,580 valid cashback claims with the average cashback value of €100. This 2 month promotion's total cost was more than halved due to their VAT rebate.


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