A Gift with Purchase (GWP) campaign is a cost-effective way to maximise sales while maintaining desired price points and without devaluing your brand. Generally, gifts are exclusive and limited. They are offered as a promotion for a set period of time or “while stocks last”.

When run successfully, a GWP promotion entices customers to buy more, to buy now, and to share their gift with others. And so, it’s important to be strategic and consider all of the logistics when planning out your campaign.

Here are some of the key points you should consider.

It’s a gift, not a giveaway

Firstly, it’s important to understand the difference between a giveaway and a GWP. The aim of the gift is to add value to the product and build a purchasing incentive. Therefore, the quality of the gift should be a reflection of how much the customer is spending on the promotional product.

For example, a free cleaning cloth with the purchase of a pair of luxury sunglasses is a nice extra, but it alone won’t entice customers to choose the brand over another that is not offering a cloth.

A free milk frother with the purchase of a coffee machine, on the other hand, will certainly motivate the buyer to purchase from you rather than a competitor. The gift increases the overall value of the purchase enough for the customer to feel like they are getting a deal.

Choose the right gift for your brand

When considering what to offer as your GWP, ensure the item you choose makes sense for your brand and for the product on promotion. Offering a random item as a gift will be confusing and could distract from who you are as a brand. The gift should entice your audience

For example if you sell golf clubs, offer a set of golf balls or a bag. If you sell televisions, offer a soundbar or a year’s subscription to Netflix. This increases the value of what you’re selling, and is in line with your customer’s interests. Know your audience and how the gift would complement the product that they’re purchasing.

The bottom line: give your customers something they truly want.

Promote your GWP campaign

Marketing is essential for any promotion. Too often, companies run a gift-with-purchase offer without developing a clear marketing plan to go alongside it. Simply offering the promotion isn’t enough. Your campaign needs to be supported by other forms of advertising and marketing. This will increase velocity of sales and heighten long-term customer loyalty. Depending on your budget and the scale of your campaign, marketing activities may include the following:

  • Email campaign sent to existing subscribers
  • Social media campaign across multiple channels
  • Video advertising
  • Paid search and display campaigns
  • Blog articles around the promotion
  • RCS messaging

Ensure the offer is clear

It’s extremely important that the details and parameters of your promotion are set out in the clearest possible way. You want people to go out of their way to take advantage of your offer, so don’t leave them second guessing any of the details.

Be specific in terms of what the customer needs to purchase in order to qualify for the free gift. Include exactly what they will receive and the means in which they will receive it.

Don’t forget to include the condition that the offer is valid only while stocks last and be sure to include an end date on all promotional material. This creates a sense of urgency around the promotion but also covers you in the event of running out of gifts before the end date of the campaign.

Does the offer apply only to customers living in a certain region? Is the offer only available through specific retailers? Don’t leave any surprises for your customers. Make it as easy as possible for them to want to follow through with their purchase from you.

Free Gift Promotion

Check the timing is right

It makes sense to launch a gift-with-purchase campaign when it would be most fruitful for you to gain a competitive advantage. For smaller brands, this may be during the busiest seasons as a way of competing with bigger brands. For companies that already do well during busy seasons, running a campaign during slower months can create an incentive to buy.

Along with getting the timing of your campaign right, the frequency is equally as important. Frequency sets expectations. If you offer the same promotion at the same time each year, it becomes predictable and may lose effect among consumers in terms of its urgency and exclusivity. Customers may begin associating the brand or product with receiving something free with their purchase, and refrain from purchasing until the promotion is running. This is conditional loyalty, which doesn’t help develop your brand or profits. 

Keep it fresh, keep it exciting and avoid being predictable. This way, the gift will encourage an influx of sales and visibility that can have long-term benefits for your brand.


A gift-with-purchase is a great way for brands to boost visibility, compete in the crowded market, and gain an influx of sales. Everyone loves free items – especially if it provides genuine and relevant value.

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