A single moment in time can determine how a brand repositions itself in daily discourse and how consumers engage with its message and products. That moment in time is, often, a promotion that has tapped into the current Zeitgeist and captured the public’s imagination. Promotions are bridge builders that lead to brand longevity, return sales and further engagement. McDonald’s Monopoly Board speaks for itself as it’s not just a tool to galvanize consumers into heated competitions for the prized Mayfair, but also differentiates McDonald’s identity from everyone else!

In the article below, we’ll highlight the essential benefits to employing sales promotions for your own brand.

1. Moves Marketing From the Background to the Foreground

Why stop at one sales promotion, when a steady succession maximizes social capital? A promotion calendar structures the upcoming year and outlines a clear strategy for several quarters ahead. The increased focus on marketing puts in the groundwork to monitor overall brand performance in a much more controlled manner. A marketing team is to your advantage, but even smaller brands can implement a simple promotions plan to run throughout the year.

2. Builds Brand Awareness

Pushing a promotions plan causes a curious shift in how your brand operates – it becomes an active agent on print and digital platforms. Command public attention rather than wait to be noticed for your inherent virtue and merits. We want to underline the following: consistency wins in the long run. All promotional efforts across how many platforms should be unified by a single and cohesive message.

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3. Customer Traffic Goes Up

The natural by-product of brand awareness is increase in traffic to your main site. Consistent efforts to engage with your audience through promotions on deals and product launches leads to a steady influx of visitors to your site. Most importantly, though, tell a story – create the sense something is happening that’s worth your customers’ attention.

4. Increase Conversion Rates

Now we arrive at what every brand loves most – sales. The more traffic you bring, the larger your pool of potential customer grows. Aside from a pure statistical increase, promotions conceptualize concrete benefits to your products to customers. Think here about what only you can give clients and no one else. One extra tip to influence purchase decisions – add in free perks.

5. Speed Up Decision Making

‘Buy now’ are the two words with the strongest effect on customer response time. Create the sense of urgency through limited availability promotions to shorten the time it takes for customers to commit to a purchase. Once you pair this strategy with a regularly updated stream of promotions, you’re looking at a stronger brand.