Football fever is in the air once more as FIFA World Cup unites fans all around the globe watching the most loved sport on the planet. Every four years, there is another championship that arises and its goal is to capture the attention of the millions of fans. No self-respecting international brand is going to miss the opportunity to run a World-Cup-inspired promotion and we at Sales Promotions have selected our top promotions over the years.

The Pizza That Sent You to Brazil

Our first pick is a recent promotion from the 2014 World Cup. Dominos Malaysia decided to cash in on the late-night viewing parties with the Kick Off competition. Ordering from the limited line of nationality-themed pizzas would earn a few lucky souls an all-expenses paid trip to Brazil.

Pizza has never been this good for you!

McCoy’s Changes the Crisp Game

The 2010 World Cup saw McCoys make an inspired move by releasing two promotional flavors of crisps with fun, thematic names – Sausage Striker and Chicken Winger. Under the slogan “Are You a Real Fan?”, the campaign stimulated sales… and winners could earn one of 10 football trips to destinations like Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Spain and Holland.

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Glaceau Vitaminwater Awakens Your Inner Photographer

In the category ‘Food Items Sending You on Trips around the World,’ Glacéau vitaminwater (a Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd product) offered to send a lucky fan and their companion to Rio for a front-row viewing of the 2014 FIFA World Cup quarter-final match. All they had to do was take a snapshot of a colourful moment and submit their photograph.

Coca Cola Galvanizes Football Fans in Australia

For the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Coca-Cola South Pacific showed how a sweepstake should be done by launching a month-and-a-half promotional campaign in Australia’s Woolworths supermarkets. Purchases open winners to Adidas Brazuca Glider Balls, EA Sports FIFA 14 games, PlayStation 4 Consoles and, most coveted of all, weeklong trips to Brazil!

McDonalds Sweepstake – to Russia With Love

We have to end on a recent promotion and it’s also customary to end with McDonalds, otherwise known as the King of Promotions. Just a few months ago, McDonalds wrapped up an ambitious sweepstakes promotion that entered customers who purchased combos into a draw for all-expense paid trips to 2018 FIFA World Cup. Each purchase is a separate entry, and the trip package boasts pocket money, return flights and luxury accommodation.

Simply put – We’re Lovin’ It!