Festive garlands are on display in every window and cities are twinkling with holiday lights. Christmas is upon us and brings with it the merry carollers, mince pies and, you guessed it, the gift of giving.

Beneath the holiday gift-wrap could be your product, and we’re here to show you how to boost your Christmas sales by adopting any of these 5 tried-and-tested methods.

Facebook Sweepstakes: the Modern Santa’s Little Helper

“Good tidings we bring to you and your kin”, should be Facebook’s holiday motto, because it has all of the tools and capabilities to move products off shelves. Build bridges and foster strong relationships with your most active customer base through a timed Facebook sweepstake promotion.

If you have been growing your Facebook community and interact regularly with your loyal clients (you receive regular likes, comments and shares), a sweepstakes promotion dramatically raises social engagement and sales. Sweepstakes turn shopping into an adventure, where you have the chance to win by completing just a few simple steps. Whether you want to unveil a Christmas product or remind the public that you’re their top choice, sweepstakes deliver the message!

With the infrastructure ready available, it’s time to engineer, proof and deploy your sweepstakes campaigns on Facebook. The Christmas season demands enough as it is. You might not have the time to do it all on your own, and nor should you. Delegate your Facebook promotion to Sales-Promotions and let us plan, build and launch your sweepstakes campaign on your behalf. Your consultation is completely free and you receive full support before, during and after the campaign ends.

Move Off the Screen & Into the Store

Reports of the physical store’s demise are greatly exaggerated. Yes, the Internet does away with physical restrictions. It minimises costs and optimises customer experience, but never underestimate the impact of a good old-fashioned event. The strongest way to wish 2017 farewell is to throw it a party, and invite your most loyal customers to the celebrations.

Naturally, the event needs to be on brand. If you’re a kitchenware supplier, then bring the culinary arts to life with a cooking class. Fill your space with the scent of herbs and spices as they blend together – pure alchemy in motion. There’s a certain kind of matchmaking at work when you pair customers with the kitchen utensils in your catalogue. A customer easily commits to a purchase when they’ve tried and tested your products first-hand. They know it. They trust it. More importantly, they trust you.

Also, it makes great memories. The principle remains the same, no matter your line of work. Yoga studios can reveal the beauty of yoga through introductory classes. Pizza shops can organise eating contests; electronics stores can host gaming tournaments. Looking for a cheaper way to create buzz? Extend your work hours – that’s an event in itself.

You can even incentivise word-of-mouth by issuing gift vouchers; ask us about setting up gift campaigns in short timeframes.

Bring Festive Cheer Through an Email Campaign

Email is your friend. Email is important and it converts.

Customers are not just used to receiving Christmas promotions via email; they have come to expect them. Retail culture waits with bated breath for December to roll in – the best time for deals and promotions. Black Friday sets the tone. Christmas excels at it.

Your email campaign can focus on plenty; a sneak peek at a new product, an invitation to be the first tester for a new service, discount offers or gift vouchers. Whatever choice you make, don’t forget to keep the conversation going. Send follow-up emails, ask for feedback and most importantly, thank your customers.

The load is too much to bear? The simplest solution is to outsource to veterans of email campaigns. (Even simpler to do, since we’re already here and we fit the description) Our consultation is free and in one meeting, you’ll see our full vision to drive your Christmas sales through the roof.

Give Something Back – It’s the Season of Giving!

‘Free’ has a certain magic ring to it that attracts customers faster than sweets do children. Rebrand ‘free product’ as a Christmas gift and you have the recipe for a successful premium campaign. In the end, Christmas is all about generosity and generosity adds value to your company as a brand. You make someone’s day a bit brighter and generate good will.

Your success is twofold; public perception of your brand improves, and you register higher sales over the holiday season. Yes, competitors are doing the same, but they’re giving gifts because it works. Our research shows that on average 90% of customers that receive a free gift remain loyal to the brand (no small feat in this cutthroat marketplace). In addition, 65% report that they would recommend a company practicing the ‘free product’ strategy.

Discounts may be the same thing in theory, but it matters more to a customer when they receive a real, tangible item. Don’t hesitate any further. Plan and run your “Gift with Purchase” campaign to great success with us. We consult with you on scheduling, gift selection, set-up, management and customer outreach.

Sometimes It’s Best to Leave Things to Google (Adwords)

Our last trick to boost your sales tackles the power of organic search. Google AdWords pairs the most relevant ads with any given search, so your products are presented to precisely targeted audiences. Turn organic search into immediate profit following these simple steps:

  • Set your eyes on the easiest prize. The holiday rush invites competition and you can be sure major corporations are going to be fighting for the biggest keywords and searches. Smaller businesses should utilise overlooked keywords and focus on local search. You’re still getting the attention and don’t pay an arm and a leg in the process.
  • Automate, automate, automate. Holiday campaigns are a mad sprint to the finish line. You want to be aggressive in your presence. Automation achieves this goal without sacrificing all of your time and resources.
  • What you say is important. AdWords ads are short and to the point, but that does not excuse you from putting extra effort into your copy. One neat trick to emphasise your holiday deals is to use holiday phrasing, while inviting target groups to partake in your holiday discounts.