Immersive brand experiences

Branded Prepaid Cards can be implemented as a gift with purchase, loyalty or cashback function.

Branded Debit Cards
Running a loyalty campaign using branded cards.

Offer a unique brand experience with re-loadable physical or digital branded prepaid cards. Use prepaid cards as part of a loyalty program or promotion which can occur on a one off or frequent basis.

This mechanic has proven extremely effective in both B2B and B2C environments, issuing rewards to vendor sales staff, rebates on purchases, gift campaigns etc.

Offer a personalised gift with purchase, and increase touch points with end users.

Digital branded cards can be added to users digital wallets, meaning your brand commands valuable real-estate on your customers device. Providing a powerful brand experience and lasting brand exposure.

As part of a promotion prepaid cards can be issued a gift with purchase, cashback rebate, trade-in value and more.

Digital Prepaid Card
Branded Debit Cards
Issue cashback payments through a branded card to encourage repeat purchases.

Drive future sales through cashback offers, customer rebates can be easily reloaded to their prepaid card.

Why use Branded Prepaid Cards?


Cards issued this year.


Issued funds in 2020.

"...they are always looking for other ways to improve the customer journey and end user engagements, new tech such as chatbots and RCS campaign, ways we can push out texts to our customers about other promotions and offers available..."

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