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Open rates in excess of 85%, RCS Messaging is set to become the most effective communication channel.

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What is RCS Messaging? And how does it differ from standard SMS Messaging?

RCS (Rich Communication Services) is an upgrade to native phone SMS Messaging, RCS is an interactive platform which adopts the functionality of popular messaging apps such as Messenger, WhatsApp and iMessage.

Through the native messaging app on phones users can now share media and enjoy added functionality such as sending images, videos, maps, location share and create group chats.

Integrate with Forms, Bookings, Customer Accounts and Payments.

RCS Messaging has the capability of integrating with technologies much like Email. This opens a world of possibilities, brands can now take bookings and payments via the native messaging app.

Integrating popular marketing methods such as cart abandonment emails can now be communicated via a platform with open rates in excess of 85%.

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Have intelligent conversations with customers in real-time by integrating AI with RCS Messaging.

Much like an AI powered chatbot, RCS has the ability to plug-in your smart assistant. In terms of application, your AI bot can converse with your customers assisting with customer care, lead generation and up-selling product lines.

Saving human hours, customer wait time and all communication in real-time with the customer, meaning no wait time and instant resolutions for your customers.

Getting to know RCS Messaging.

Still not convinced? RCS Messaging can be implemented in various stages, we help brands take their initial step into the platform, start with a simple SMS style campaign with added functionality and analytics.


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"...they are always looking for other ways to improve the customer journey and end user engagements, new tech such as chatbots and RCS campaign, ways we can push out texts to our customers about other promotions and offers available..."

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Understand how users interact with RCS Messaging and how we manage it on the back end.

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