Buy and Try Promotions

Boost Buyer Confidence.

Buy and Try promotions allows brands to combat customer uncertainty and indecisiveness. 81% of shoppers research before committing to a purchase, we can help you provide peace of mind.

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Canon Buy and Try Promotion
Mude Drinks Money Back Guarantee Promotion

Money Back Guarantee Promotions

Superior Product Quality.

Demonstrate your brands confidence in its product quality. Money Back Guarantee Promotions removes barriers to purchase and positions your product as premium and reliable.

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Free Trial Promotions

Generate Leads and Interest.

Offer consumers a trial period before making the decision to purchase. This sales tactic has proven to be effective when targeting competitors customers or new concept products.

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Dyson Free Trial Promotion

How Customer Satisfaction Promotions Work

Customer Satisfaction Process

Customer Satisfaction Promotions process can vary greatly depending on the promotion idea and implementation. If a customer decides to return the product, they are instructed to visit the promotions registration page and submit their details, their information is validated within the parameters of the T&Cs and they are instructed to return the product to the store or use a prepaid postal label to return the product. The returned product is assessed in accordance to criteria before issuing a refund.

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