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Convenient shopping experience, positively impacting perceptions of product quality.

We provide an end-to-end promotional solution managing all aspects of your campaign from planning and set-up, design and development, claim handling and validation and multi-lingual customer communications.

Monitor and analyse your campaign performance using our online client reporting system. Where you can also track the progress of individual gift claims and review a full post-campaign analysis.

Why Try Before You Buy Promotions?

By allowing customers the opportunity to trial a product before committing to a purchase it removes the barriers to a successful conversion. Try before you buy promotions can be setup for customers to pay first and claim a refund if they are unhappy. We typically see very low return rates using this mechanic, therefore driving revenue up.

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Demonstrate your brand's commitment to product quality while reassuring customers and building trust. Try before you buy is a cost effective mechanic that encourages consumers to spend more on premium products, while offering a value add and allowing them to make informed decisions.

"Collaborating with Benamic on our cashback campaigns has been an absolute delight. They are very attentive to details, take ownership and respond quick!"

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Bosch Promotions
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We partner with the world's biggest brands to deliver high impact promotional cashback campaigns. Our specialist teams cover every aspect of the promotional campaign from consultation to creative to fulfillment management. We have over 10 years of experience in delivering cashback promotions across every continent.