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Initial Consultation.

During the initial consultation, it is the objective of our dedicated Account Managers to understand exactly what you’re aiming to achieve. This allows us to identify where we can apply our specialist teams and technology.

Research and Proposal Formulation.

Your Account Manager and our Marketing Team sit down to conduct extensive research using a variety of tools in order to understand the market, industry, territory, competitors and/or buyer persona.

Proposal Formulation: Our teams devise a strategic plan which aims to accomplish the client objectives. Relevant departments within Benamic are contacted to approve the feasibility of the proposal. The proposal document will include: The Project Plan and Quote.

Promotional Marketing Brainstorming
Sales Promotion Strategy

Proposal Delivery.

When finalised, your Account Manager delivers the final Proposal and conducts a walk-through detailing the work involved, a strategy road-map and rationalisations.

Adjustments can be requested at this time. Any changes are approved by the relevant departments, and final contracts are accepted and signed.

Design and Development.

Design: The brand guidelines are delivered to our Design Team. From here, we create custom campaign designs matching your brand’s visual identity. The Design Team works with the Marketing Team to design digital and print assets, if required.

Development: Our developers bring the designs to life by creating landing pages, customer portals, and APIs where necessary.

Data Analytics: The Analytics Team creates and places tags, and sets up Google Analytics goals on landing pages.

Strategic Promotional Marketing
Benamic Notebook and Pen

Promotion Set Up.

The Operations Team begins setting campaign validation criteria, putting fraud prevention checks in place, setting up communication templates (email, SMS, etc.). The client real-time tracking system is set on the back-end during this phase.

Testing and Quality Control.

The campaign undergoes a variety of testing to ensure all elements are optimised and working correctly. This includes:

  • Page Speed Testing
  • UX Testing
  • Data Population Check
  • Validation Checks
  • Fraud Checks
  • Notification Communication Checks
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Amendments and Sign-Off.

All completed campaign assets are presented to the client for final sign-off ahead of the campaign launch. Final requested adjustments are implemented and tested before launch.

Promotion Launch and Management.

The Operations Team processes claim validations, provides end customer support, and manages fulfilment and cashback payments. Supporting digital marketing campaigns are launched and managed. Clients can monitor campaign progress and trends in real-time via the Client OTS. They can also securely provide supportive feedback and data.

Benamic Staff Bulgaria
Benamic Sales Strategy Notebook

Post Campaign.

The Account Manager analyses the campaign performance with the client, highlighting key statistics and making recommendations for future growth. Clients can also avail of customised reports with key findings which are generated by our Data Analytics Team.