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Increase Sales Revenue

Drive stronger sales performance with cashback promotions.

Cashback promotions are a cost-effective sales strategy. Only 30-40% of customers claim their cash rebate, this allows brands to offer larger discounts than their competitors at a lower cost. Generating greater sales and obtaining valuable customer data.


Sales Promotions

We work with multinational brands to improve their market performance.

  • More Cost Effective Than POS Discount.
  • Capture Valuable Customer/ Reseller Data.
  • Maintain Product Price Point.
  • Simple UX For Customers/ Resellers.
  • Applicable Across Multiple Verticals.
  • Real-Time Campaign Reporting.

Simplifying Promotions

What does Benamic offer?


  • End to End Promotion Management.
  • Dedicated Account Manager.
  • Multi-Lingual Customer Support.
  • In-House Currency Payments (150+ Currencies).
  • Localised Promotional Legislation Compliance.
  • Best in Class Data Security.
  • Rigorous Anti-Fraud Process.
  • Gift Procurement as Required.
  • Translation (Any Language).
  • Risk Management (Promotion Insurance).


  • Cashback Rebate.
  • Sweepstakes.
  • Gift with Purchase.
  • Competition Based.
  • B2B & B2C Loyalty Platforms.
  • Trade-In.
  • Try Before You Buy.
  • Instant Win.
  • On-Pack Promotion.
  • Guarantee/ Warranty Extension.

Marketing & Tech

  • Promotion Strategy Consultation.
  • Market & Competitor Research.
  • Branded Digital Pre-Paid Cards.
  • Smart Messaging (RCS, Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp).
  • AI Powered Chatbots.
  • Microsite/ Landing Page Development.
  • Campaign Graphic Design.
  • Digital Marketing Support.
  • Real-Time Campaign Reporting.

Request Featured Case Studies.

    Cashback Promotion Process

    Claiming cashback, the steps involved.

    Consumers are familiar with cashback promotions and the process of claiming their rebate. Because the promotion mechanic is widely understood, the offer or incentive and key promotional message is easy to interpret. The claim process also creates an opportunity for brands to conduct market research by introducing marketing questions.

    Step 1

    Customer purchases a qualifying product within the specified promotion dates.

    Step 2

    Customer visits the promotional landing page and submit their details with proof of purchase.

    Step 3

    Upon validation of their claim, customers will receive their cashback payment.

    Cashback with Product Review Mechanic

    ASUS Rate My Gear

    We implemented a cashback promotion with the additional step of leaving a product review on the ASUS Amazon account. Resulting in a major uplift in product reviews and product sales. In addition, the product reviews fuel further future sales and higher ranking in Amazon search results.

    Permanent Offer on Camera Lenses

    Canon Lens Cashback

    We run a Pan-European cashback offer for Canon cameras. Incentivising customers who have previously purchased a camera to claim a cash rebate on a Canon lens. The success of the promotion has resulted in it becoming a permanent offer.

    Enhance Your Market Performance

    Request Our Promotion Strategy Playbook.

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