Support your promotion with a agent working 24/7

Chatbots that can be implemented across multiple regions and languages.

Canon Promotions Chatbot
Chatbots improve the customer experience, answering questions instantly.

We program our chatbots to answer all basic questions regarding your promotion, after more and more interactions and training your chatbot will learn how to answer a greater number of questions and it will also answer with greater accuracy.

All our chatbots are specific to your promotion (times, dates, products, validations etc.) and designed to fit your brand’s visual identity.

Train your chatbot to up-sell products by offering further information.

Assist your buyer journey through personalised messages, chatbots do not only have to respond to questions bu they can also ask questions in order to qualify traffic and direct users towards conversions.

Chatbots allow for the integration of other technologies such as interactive on-screen product demos where users are guided through functionality and can ask questions in real-time.

Miele Promotions Chatbot
Benamic AI Chatbot
Integrate forms and calendars to generate leads.

Our chatbot technology enables integration with third party platforms which allow users to submit forms and book meeting in accordance to calendar availability. This functionality can be used to book test drives, request callbacks, sign up for demos, download files and more.

Helping you guide your traffic through the sales funnel and convert more users.

Why use AI Powered Chatbots?


Hours saved this year.


Conversations this year.


Leads generated this year.


"...they are always looking for other ways to improve the customer journey and end user engagements, new tech such as chatbots and RCS campaign, ways we can push out texts to our customers about other promotions and offers available..."

Channel Marketing Manager

Canon Cameras Promotions
Canon Cameras Promotions

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